About us

Onstream Media is the brainchild of acquisition and conversion specialists Grant Kelroe-Cooke and Jacques Theron.

With backgrounds that range from the mobile industry to digital media buying, they found their niche in the South African lead generation vertical in 2004.



Jacques is the quintessential numbers guy, with a BCom in marketing and financial management and more than fifteen years’ experience in the digital media and marketing space.

Far from a deskbound number cruncher however Jacques is known for his hands-on approach and getting into the finer details of each campaign. Having spent several years in the UK as a marketing manager helped hone his skills in digital strategy, deal negotiation, business development and team development.

Jacques is not a one-trick pony with sales and lead generation experience that spans several industries including online gaming, digital marketing agencies, financial services, insurance and even online trading.

When you need to ensure the best possible return on your investment you want a data-driven, results orientated, person handing your campaign, and Jacques is that person.


Grant is a performance marketing expert who has spent the last twenty years driving the sales and marketing efforts of gargantuan South African brands such as Nashua, MTN and Primedia Online (where he spearheaded digital sales campaigns for the likes of IOL, iAfrica, Gumtree, the Independent Media as well as many others).

While he has a deep love and understanding of the local market Grant has also worked extensively with international publishers and performance marketing networks driving customer acquisition campaigns for North America, Canada, UK and Australia.

With his experience as Sales Director for key digital South African companies, his vast experience with local and international media campaigns and his proven ability to grow revenues regardless of industry Grant is the person you want managing your ad spend.

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why onstream media

Now that you have met the personalities behind the Onstream Media here are some of the ideologies that underpin what we stand for:

We offer more than 40 years combined experience

We are experienced South African financial sector lead generators.

We have hands-on experience creating successful multi-platform campaigns

We are result-focused with ROI as one of our key metrics for success

We offer data-driven campaigns, no emotional decision making

We are process-driven from targeting to creation to execution

We care about creating long-term partnerships

We have invested time, energy and capital into becoming leaders in understanding the nuances of successful lead generation in South Africa. Our aim is to put this expertise to work for your success and develop a long-lasting partnership as a result.

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The true test of any service provider is not what they say but who trusts them to handle their marketing

budget and lead generation, here is a sample of some of Onstream Media’s satisfied clients: