Onstream Media offers South African business owners’ access to the gold standard in cloud-based Marketing Automation.

Dovetailing with our Data Management Platform the marketing automation system ensures you have full control and sight of all active campaigns including Paid Search, Social Media and Display advertising, allowing for agile decision making based on the metrics intrinsic to your success.



All of this is made possible by your secure cloud-based Data Warehouse which forms a centralised hub for multiple data channels to be stored, analysed and reported on. This data is the backbone of ensuring your campaigns are successful.

Our Data Management Platform (DMP) becomes your one-stop shop for all reporting and analysis as this complex jumble of data is streamlined into an easy to use, flexible selection of online reports that can be shared with your sales and customer retention teams.


Detailed insight all sales and lead generation campaigns across platforms

Programmatic campaign responses to ensure your key metrics are met

Real-time campaign budget management

Intricately detailed data-driven customer targeting

Real-time exclusion list management

Real-time campaign reporting

Measurable campaign-based ROI


Our marketing automation suite will allow you to halve the time spent on reporting and analysis, allowing you and your team to focus on developing growth strategies and invaluable customer interactions.

why onstream media

Now that you have met the personalities behind the Onstream Media here are some of the ideologies that underpin what we stand for:

We offer more than 40 years combined experience

We are experienced South African financial sector lead generators.

We have hands-on experience creating successful multi-platform campaigns

We are result-focused with ROI as one of our key metrics for success

We offer data-driven campaigns, no emotional decision making

We are process-driven from targeting to creation to execution

We care about creating long-term partnerships

We have invested time, energy and capital into becoming leaders in understanding the nuances of successful lead generation in South Africa. Our aim is to put this expertise to work for your success and develop a long-lasting partnership as a result.

our affiliation

The true test of any service provider is not what they say but who trusts them to handle their marketing

budget and lead generation, here is a sample of some of Onstream Media’s satisfied clients: