Lead Generation

One cold hard fact about doing business online is that there is an incredible amount of noise.


Everyone is claiming to be an expert, offering you a service or trying to get you to subscribe to their newsletter. However, most of what you see is not geared to your specific needs.

This is where Onstream’s demographic-driven lead generation platform comes into play.

We offer you the ability to target your ideal customer at the point of their need.

our platform

We have developed a custom software as a service platform that we offer to our partners and agencies to empower their results. Reap the following rewards from our automated solution:


Detailed insight all sales and lead generation campaigns across platforms

Programmatic campaign responses to ensure your key metrics are met

Real-time campaign budget management

Intricately detailed data-driven customer targeting

Real-time exclusion list management

Real-time campaign reporting

Measurable campaign based ROI

our promise to you

Qualified leads looking to buy now

Invaluable engagement metrics

Data-driven segmentation and targeting

High converting campaigns

Detailed real-time reporting

Measurable ROI

We reach your future customer through
three personal and effective contact points:



South Africa is still a market that thrives on text messages sent via SMS.

Many people find an SMS difficult to ignore given the amount of time we spend using our mobile phones.

mail (2)


Email remains the number one contact point for South African consumers.

With the advances in mobile technology, email allows you to reach your customer at work, at home and while they travel.

phone (1)


People buy people is one of the oldest sales adages in the world, and its as relevant in South Africa as anywhere else.

Our friendly and engaging call centre staff will reach out to your leads and personally introduce them to your offer.

Allow us to put our extensive knowledge and hands-on expertise in sales and lead generation to work for you while you focus on what matters – your core business. At Onstream Media we pride ourselves on being able to deliver you the leads you need to grow. That’s how we help your business thrive.

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The true test of any service provider is not what they say but who trusts them to handle their marketing

budget and lead generation, here is a sample of some of Onstream Media’s satisfied clients: